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Thank you for your kind response and encouragement from the great expereince you have encountered through our ministry.

Please feel free to signup for reqular emails and blog. We would love to stay in touch with you as we expand our ministry globally. Before you call, God alreadt answered, therefore I touch and agree right now for your miracle. Not by mouth, nor by power but by my Spirit saith the Lord.


  • Let us continue to pray for for this ministry as we endeavor to fulfill the Great Commission.

  • We encourage you to partner also with Apostle Nadine Manning Ministries by making a sacrifical seed offering, and prove God for the rain of His blessings.

  • School of Intercession Workshop coming up soon.

  • School of the Prophets Worskshop coming Soon



The Mega-Ming ~ Mega-Kingdom Prophetic Curcuit Jamaica - August 15 - 16, 2014

The anointing was mega, I'm happy I was there for such an awesome experience.

Carol Payne - Spanish Town Jamaica, August 24, 2014, 7:12 p.m.


It The Mega-Ming ~ Mega-Kingdom Prophetic Curcuit Jamaica - August 15 - 16, 2014

A Mega-awesome HolyGhost anointed conference; Apostle Dr-Nadine Manning, to God be the glory!!! I cant wait for the next conference and your next visit. Hallelujah! Bless you!

Grace Edwards - Portmore, Jamaica - August 23, 2014, 4:53 p.m.


I am forever grateful to God for His mighty move in this conference. I have been truly blessed and I'm here basking in His Presence. What an awesome God? Lord, I praise you for this 'mighty move' and I pray that you will strengthen your daughter, Apostle Dr-Nadine Manning, as she continues to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, GLOBALLY. Lord, I pray for good health and uncommon divine favour upon her and her family. I pray for a triple portion of your anointing in her life as she waves the banner high and give you glory, in Jesus name! Thank you Lord, you are worthy, I give you glory!!! HalleluYAH!!!!! Amen 

B. Grace Edwards - August 21, 2014, 1:53 p.m.


You are an amazing Woman of God.

Anne Marie Baxter, Pennsylvania, PA.



Thank you Apostle Dr-Nadine Manning to God Be All the Glory - It's an honor to serve you in the ministry of Prophetic in Warfare Deliverance & Worship Tabernacle.

Prophetess Lakesha Milbourne - September 06, 2014, 3:36 p.m.

Keep up the good work Apostle Dr-Nadine Manningwith kingdom ambassdors, kingdom troops and others to come.

Missionary Viviene Grant - September 02, 2014, 5:12 p.m.


I want to say thanks for always believing in me and encouraging me. i still remember you prophesying over all of us in the Drama Ministry that day when u lined us up and the Lord gave u the word for was one Saturday at Drama meeting at Glad Tidings Open Bible Church and you came with the word for all of us. EVERYONE RECEIVED A WORD.

I rememeber part of mine... that the Lord was going to do great things through me... that I was going to be a person of wealth and that the Lord will take me to the States and that I should not let what GOD does to get proud. Before having my three (3) girls, served as a full-time missionary for over 13 years and I travelled to Atlanta, Georgia in the U.S.A. in 


Prophetess I'm so proud of you and the impact you continue to make on people here and abroad. I'm so happy that the back to school fair was a major success. Big up Uself!!!! Woman of God, u large and in charge and u name spread further abroad all because of JESUS CHRIST. You made The Daily Journal!!!! The Mayor came and supported the fair!!!! EXCELLENT WORK FOR THE KINGDOM. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK SIS NADINE. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. AMEN.

Sis. Sharon White - September 2, 2014 11:54a.m.


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