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Destiny By God's Design - "I Am Anointed For This

Jeremiah 1 declares that, [paraphrased]: Before you were formed in your mother's belly, God knew you and sanctified you and ordained you. Your destiny has been predestinated by God and you have ben anointed for this. When I wrote my first book "Awake To Your Destiny" - Volume 1, "The Mind of Christ!."

I had no idea that it would have been a powerful, devotional, counselling tool, women's group devotional, our even used for your own sermons or personal devotionals or daily inspiration.

Now, I just completed "Volume 2" entiled "I Am Anointed For This!". You are proven for the anointing by the storms, wind and bitter seasons like the winter season unexpectedly in November 2014 that caused the Mega-Buses that pligh the route to Canada to the United States and other national areas to close on the east coat.

If you endure throug your bitter seasons, by walking by faith, you will see the supernatural power of God at work in your life like never before!

Don't let go until God blesses you. It is intentional that you "Ride Out" the storm of this ritical test that is Designed by God to elevate you.

Nov 19, 2014

Apostle Dr. Nadine Manning

Apostle Nadine Manning Global Ministries

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