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God has gifted Apostle Dr. Nadine Manning with a superb talent for writing and deliverating the gospel message with a profound, prolific and uniquely anointed style that cause the hearer to be provoked to walk in pupose, healing, deliverance and blessing.


She has been given the ability through the Holy Spirit to take listeners on a greater level of faith challenge with her through the scriptures, causing the Word of God to leap in their Spirit through the pages of divine revelation and inspiriration in her books and through her preached messages on CD's and DVD's, challenging them to be "Awakened To Their Destiny!"


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I Am Anointed For This
Awake to Your Destiny - Volume 2
By Apostle Dr. Nadine Manning
NEW BOOK RELEASE  12-06-2014
$17.99 + shipping & handling 
Awake To Your Destiny
Volume 2 -"The Mind of Christ"
By Apostle Dr. Nadine Manning
$15.99 + shipping & handling 
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