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About Us

 Apostle Dr. Nadine Manning is the Senior Pastor of  Kingdom Destiny Worship Center/Prophetic in Warfare Prayer Ministry. The 501 3c Founding Organization is Prophetic in Warfare Deliverance and Worship Tabernacle.


The ministry was raised up and established is by her and the Late, Pastor Dr. Richard Manning. Apostle, Dr. Nadine H. Manning, is a friend, counselor, mother, Pastor and an Apostle to the Nations. The ministry continues to thrive with a very diverse and unique demonstration of her Kingdom Purpose and Assignment that sets her apart from the average as she serves as a Prophetic Destiny Push helping others to be restored like Ezekiel spoke to the dry bones, and unlocking their purpose, breakthrough and destiny.


   Apostle Dr. Nadine Manning is a sought out international Preacher, Motivational Speaker, Teacher and Prophetic Renegade Worshipping Warrior for Christ. She is a cutting edge Author/Writer, Graphics Designer and Publisher. Apostle Dr. Nadine first novel was 1. "Awake to Your Destiny" - Volume 1 “The Mind of Christ.” 2. “I Am Anointed for This,” is Volume 2 of Awake to Your Destiny, 3. "I Am Anointed for This ~ The Prophetic Unlocking", 4. "The Prophetic Unlocking - Be Blessed Intercessions Devotional", and most recently published in 2018 is 5. THE GREATNESS OF THE "SHIFT": Don't Abort Your Purpose - Destiny is Calling You into "The Greatness of the Shift" (The Birthing Process Series - Volume Book 1). 6. "Becoming the Shift" will be published very soon. 


    Her 25+ years experience in ministry over, amidst the challenges, test and trials she had to endure, are living proof that she is “Anointed For This”. Her first published book was birthed, while taking care of her husband, when they both felt like Job, buried in what felt like “Silence” all around yet, they had to keep their mind on Christ. Her children 14 year old triplet Abigail, Aaron, Nathaniel and Joshua birth 2 years later are also the products of the miracle of prayer and prophetic intercession.


    Apostle Dr. Nadine Manning diversity in ministry extends globally she has a unique ministry extending globally via social media platforms, on Facebook, Youtube and Periscope as well as Twitter. Apostle Dr. Nadine Manning recently hosted 50 Days of Prophetic Destiny Global Prayer Push on all social media platforms mentioned above nightly @ 9PM, signs and wonders followed this Divine Clarion Call and gathering of all believers globally. Healing, deliverance, breakthroughs, jobs were released including money miracles. Greatest of all is that 64 soul gave/rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ and to follow Him the Righteous One.


She is an Apostolic Midwife, with a heavy mantle flowing in the Prophetic, who identifies and releases men and women into their gifts, purpose and position in the kingdom. She host the Annual Prophetic Destiny SHIFT Conference every November, and Believers Conferences as the Lord directs globally. Annual Ministry Convocation and Pastors Appreciation is generally in June, August and December annually


   Apostle Dr. Nadine is the CEO and Founder of Prophetic in Warfare School of the Prophets & Biblical College, where leaders of tomorrow are trained and equipped for the work of Christ. These books are a must read for everyone and can be purchased directly from ministry or They will recharge and reinitialize your spirit to be bold, obedience and steadfast in the Lord, knowing that, “I AM ANOINTED FOR THIS.”



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